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Imagine this body becoming ashes in just five minutes in a furnace, or this flesh rotting, cracking, oozing with a strong stench.

In just a few minutes, when the breath is no longer in this body, it's all over, gone forever, vanished

How fleeting is a human life, how fragile is a lifetime! We are helpless with its ending, unable to prolong it, unable to plead for it to last longer if human existence is just a string of troubles, worries, competition, calculation, excitement, anger, pain, and illness, is it not a heavenly life?

Yet, we do not realize the value of this body's existence to enjoy and use it appropriately while it still exists. So that when it is destroyed, we will not regret it but will be satisfied that we have used it, lived a meaningful life.

Deep awareness of this reality is mindfulness, wisdom, and right view, which helps us to live

Belief in karma, living according to karma means knowing what is bad to avoid, what is good to do, we have already predicted another life of this body, so is it necessary to worry too much about where we will go after leaving this body?

Live truly, feel every moment in the present, we are still here, existing right now, be happy with what

Let's remind ourselves that we will be a cool breeze for hot souls, a shadow for those in need of shade.

- CT -

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