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Welcome To Dharma Cloud Monastery: Join Us On The Path To Enlightenment!

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Are you seeking a deeper understanding of Buddhism and a meaningful connection with a vibrant spiritual community? Look no further than the Dharma Cloud Monastery, where we invite you to become a cherished member of our esteemed institution.

Dharma Cloud Monastery is a non-profit organization from 2014, institute dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhism. Established with the goal of preserving and promoting loving values in each generation. Dharma Cloud Monastery not only transmits love and spiritual care to each individual via the Buddha's deep lessons. We also use these philosophies in everyday life to enable students genuinely realize the true values of happiness.

The Dharma Cloud Monastery offers membership to anyone who wishes to support the Society’s aims of encouraging the teaching, practice and realisation of Buddhist principles, and of helping to make these teachings and practices available to the general public.
Retreats and Workshops: Free online courses and having priority or discounted access to retreats, workshops, and other special events organized by the monastery to deepen their understanding and practice of Dharma.
Stay Informed: As an esteemed member, you will receive our exclusive monthly E-newsletter, keeping you informed about upcoming events, workshops, and inspiring teachings from renowned Buddhist scholars and teachers.
Library and Resources: Some monasteries maintain libraries or resource centres that members can access to study sacred texts, books, and resources related to Buddhism and Dharma teachings. 
Volunteer Opportunities: Members might have the chance to engage in meaningful volunteer activities within the monastery or in outreach programs, supporting the organization's mission and activities. 
Counselling and Guidance: Monasteries often provide members with opportunities for personal spiritual counselling or guidance from experienced practitioners or resident teachers. 
Prayer Requests: Members may have the option to submit prayer requests or dedications for the well-being of themselves or their loved ones during group practices and ceremonies. 
Supporting the Monastery: By becoming a member, individuals contribute to the financial sustainability of the monastery and help support its charitable and spiritual activities

At Dharma Cloud Monastery, we hold your privacy in the highest regard and are dedicated to safeguarding any personal information collected with utmost care. Rest assured that the information we gather from you is solely used for the purpose of administering the services we provide. Your data will not be utilized for any other purposes or disclosed to any third party without your explicit consent, except where required by law. We value your trust and are committed to ensuring the security and protection of your personal information.

General Expenses Fund

Contributes to the upkeep of audio and video equipment used to record Dhamma discourses, web hosting, web development, and internet services like as podcasting. Also used to support functions that support the Dharma Cloud Monastery, such as monastic accommodation, insurance, utilities (electricity, gas, water), telephone and internet services, monastic and volunteer transport/travel, food, and essential consumables related to the operation of Dharma Cloud Monastery. (Non-Tax Deductible in Australia)


The Dharma Cloud Education Fund

The Dharma Cloud Monastery Building Fund is used to build amenities and make structural upgrades to the Dharma Cloud Monastery complex. (Non-tax Deductible) Contributes to the upkeep of premises and the payment of utilities such as electricity, gas, and water, as well as monastic medical and dental care, telephone, monastic and volunteer transportation, and travel. (Non-Tax Deductible in Australia). Make a donation to the guest lectures and Venerable fund to help our preaching and monastic community. Your kind contribution helps to fund the costs of visiting Buddhism, Lectures of the Venerable and Buddhism activities organized at our institution for students, ensuring the continuance of our spiritual programs. (Non-tax Deductible.)