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To start the day, let's practice as follows. Every morning, at 5:00 am 

OFFER TO BUDDHA: Change water to make offerings to Buddha, and burn incense to Buddha (if possible). 

PRAYER : I hereby pledge to do my best to uphold the purity of the precepts. I vow from now on I will not kill, not happy to see killing. 1. I vow that from now on I will only speak truthfully, speak softly and gently, speak with a loving heart, speak for the benefit of others, I will not speak meaningless or unnecessary words, and I will control my speech. 2. I vow not to take anything without permission, regardless of its value. 3. I vow not to commit adultery whether by body or by thought. 4. I vow not to use addictive substances such as alcohol, beer, smoking, drugs, not to use the internet in vain or to waste time. 5. I ask for forgiveness if by accident or purpose I have hurt anyone. 6. I vow to forgive everyone who accidentally or intentionally has hurt me. I pray that everyone and all species will live in love, without hatred or jealousy. 7. I vow to myself try to practice, try to transform the unwholesome dharma still in me. 8. I vow to only think about love, forgiveness, and tolerance from now on 9. I vow to only speak of love, forgiveness and tolerance from now on 10. I vow to only do what is love, forgiveness and tolerance from now on Dear Buddha, please bless me and prove it for me. 

MEDITATION: 30 minutes of seated meditation (silently reading the Loving-Kindness Meditation) 

PROSTRATION MEDITATION: then perform 20 prostrations (see also the benefits of prostration) and dedicate it to others. 

OBSERVATION: Practice being mindful of all your actions in a day, at the end of the day see if you have controlled your mind, if not, try harder tomorrow.

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