I would like to practise meditation ?

Excellent, joining our class to practise together. On the menu Buddhist Learning, kick Meditation Course and follow.
See you there 

Can I come to visit Dharma Cloud Monastery ?

Absolutely, welcome to our monastery at weekend, Saturday and Sunday. 

Where is Dharma Cloud Centre in Bankstown ?

Level 2
27 Greenfield Pde Bankstown 2200
It will open on April 2024

Is there a Mindfulness course for my children ?

Yes, you can now register a Children Mindfulness Course on the menu "Buddhist Learning", click "Meditation Course" select "MINDFULNESS FOR CHILDREN" and follow.

Is there a Mindfulness course for a beginner ?

Yes! you can register MEDITATION FOR BEGINNER on the menu "Buddhist Learning", click "Meditation Course" select "MEDITATION FOR BEGINNER" and follow. 

How many Meditation course we have ?

  1. Meditation For Beginner
  2. Meditation For an Advance
  3. Meditation For Old persons
  4. Meditation For workers
  5. Meditation For Parents
  6. Meditation For Biz person
  7. ...

Where Dharma Cloud Monastery earning to support all activities ?

  • We sale plant, succulents, cactus that we grow in our monastery.
  • We earn from donations of the kindly persons. 
  • From company paid us for our meditation teaching in their company.